Breaking the rules…

A wonderful post from Sue, thought-provoking and insightful (as is usually the case with Sue’s posts). An added bonus: photography from her talented son, Nick Verron. Read and enjoy 🙂

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


Leading by Nick Verron

My son spoke of his intention to portray the imperfections of the apparently perfect. The conversation moved from the technical side of the photograph to the art of it… the vision of the artist as opposed to the unwritten rules about what does, or does not make a good picture. The image in question is good by any standard, in my opinion, but everyone reacts differently to any artistic interpretation. It may, or may not, be to someone’s taste. It may speak to something deep within, but what it says is a personal thing and may be different from the intent of the artist.

Those with skill of their own in the same art form… real or perceived… may appreciate, offer advice in the form of constructive criticism… or simply criticise, saying how they would have done it differently. They may even go on to state…

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