Another Adventure…

It’s wonderfully sunny today, one of those glorious days you get in September, a last burst of summer warmth before the chill of autumn descends. It’s my favourite time of year – I love the harvest, Halloween, the build up to Christmas, all darkness and fairy lights – so I’m excited to be heading away for the weekend with The Silent Eye.

I’m not a student of the school, but I try to attend one of their workshops each year. Together, we’ve wandered the mountains of the Peak District, the granite moorland near Aberdeen, and explored ancient hillforts down south. We’ve visited stone circles large and small, climbed a chalk giant, examined Pictish sites, and listened to poetry in the shadow of a Neolithic wall. Each wweekend I’ve shared with them has been wonderful.

The groups are always friendly, and each site is wonderfully well-researched by our guides, so I get to explore the history, as well as the mystery, of these places. There’s never any pressure to participate – instead, simply good conversation and excellent pub meals, and, if we’re lucky, some nice weather too (Scottish stone circles notwithstanding!)

This is the fourth such workshop I’ve attended – to read about my earlier adventures, click here for the Peak District, here for Inverurie and here for Dorset. This time, we’re heading back to the Peak District, to explore the villages around Tideswell as well as the surrounding countryside. We’ll also be exploring our internal landscapes… wonder what I’ll find?

As always, I’ll be writing up my adventures and taking many, many photographs. Look forward to sharing them with you!

Until next week…

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24 thoughts on “Another Adventure…

  1. Love these posts! I grew up in Buxton, not so far away from Tideswell, so the whole area is wonderful to me. We had a rather windswept hill behind our house when I was small – all limestone crags, welly-sucking mud and spindly saplings – and I spent many an hour walking it, buffeted by the wind, imagining I was Catherine Earnshaw. I put some of my love of stories down to those experiences. Have a fantastic time, Helen

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  4. I have been on one of these wonderful weekends too it was a great experience and I learned a lot. I wish I was joining you but I am on an adventure of my own right now . Have a wonderful time 💜

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