Living La Vida Lockdown

(If the Ricky Martin song is now in your head, sorry for the earworm.)

It’s a funny old time, this lockdown. Bringing up lots of memories, days past relived, choices assessed, plans made for going forwards. Time has no meaning, any more – the days punctuated only by the alarm going off in the morning, the click of the letterbox when the post arrives, the occasional arrival of a van, delivering items to people on the street.

It’s no Vida Loca, that’s for sure. The biggest excitement is a trip to the supermarket, where people no longer seem to be bothering with social distancing, as though the past three months have been some awful and ridiculous dream, a figment of our collective imaginations, that we’re all now just waking from.

Lockdown is starting to ease here, though with different restrictions depending upon whether you’re in England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. The revelations that a government advisor, at the height of the pandemic and while suffering from Covid himself, travelled 200 miles north to his parents’ house and then made a few daytrips while he was there, have helped to unravel the months of sacrifice and solitude, as have the misleading messages and constantly changing guidance. I think people are sick of it, too – the long queues outside shops when they opened on Monday perhaps an indication of how people just want to do something different.

But I hope we don’t rush back to the world that was.

Great change is happening, groundswells of movement. People continue to protest that Black Lives Matter (as they do, and should, and always have), and there has been a shift in understanding around the nature of work and what, really, is essential, and that the people who keep things running, who care and educate and deliver and feed us, should be paid a proper wage for the work they do. People are also discovering the communities in which they live, helping neighbours in need, supporting others. There is a chance here to continue, to forge a better world.

There has been bad behaviour, too, of course, like the aforementioned adviser and his lockdown trip (symbolic of a greater disarray among our government), or the people who trash our countrysides and beaches for some unfathomable reason. But hopefully the seeds of positive change have now been sown, and we won’t lose this momentum, reaping the harvest of better times in the future.

I’m still going on lots of walks, just as I always have, stories dancing in my head. The inability to focus which plagued me at the beginning of lockdown, perhaps linked to the adjustment of living in a strange new world, has long gone, and there are new stories brewing, new worlds to explore. We also, as a family, managed a trip to the beach. Not a long drive away, an hour or so, to a beach we knew would not be busy. We took everything we needed with us, and left nothing behind. There were other families there, but with enough space that we could all keep plenty of distance. It was good for the soul to be somewhere different, to breathe sea air, to see my daughter laugh as she danced in the waves. These are the small joys to be taken at such a time.

We’re also lucky that we still, as a family, have been able to work. Ineligible for any of the government support programs, we know we’re fortunate to have paid employment during this time. A lot of people are struggling, and the fallout from this will be felt for years to come. Another reason a better world, a more caring world, will be needed.

At the moment, though, I’m staying home. I’m a dedicated shopper, oh my goodness yes I am, but I have no plans to hit the stores anytime soon. This virus hasn’t gone away, just because lockdown is easing. So we will stay safe as best we can, and hope that the others we love can do the same.

So I guess this is a blog post about nothing much, really, because on the surface, that’s what I’ve been doing. But there have been seeds sown in both my personal and professional lives, and I’m hoping, just as I’m hoping to see in the wider world, for some positive results.

Hope you’re all staying safe and well x

Photos from a recent walk and our trip to the coast

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16 thoughts on “Living La Vida Lockdown

  1. I finally went shopping last week and bought two new tops. It felt good. The shops (here in Spain) weren´t busy so I felt safe. Lovely pictures. Stay safe.

    • Aw, that’s good – the shops here have had massive queues and people not distancing, so it’s nice you were able to shop and feel safe 🙂 I’m enjoying my walks for now (and feeding my shopping bug by a few online purchases 😉 )

  2. Yes. As the human race was on lockdown around the earth, as though Mother Nature had become weary of us and told us, “Go to your room!” she began a clean up. Forest creatures stepped, uncertain, out of the forests, and began to explore human settlements. The water cleaned itself. The air cleared. Cities whose inhabitants had not seen the stars at night in years were now on their balconies and terraces looking up at the starry night skies…and singing. And playing instruments. And reading. And creating art. They’ve called old friends and family members. Spent time with their kids. The earth healed herself to a great extent, but now, instead of rushing out on our earth, perhaps we could move forward tentatively, carefullly, lovingly. We can do better than before. Mother Nature, we’ve learned our lesson. We’re sorry. Can we come out now please?

  3. A lovely reflection on the time. My daughter is at the beach house that belongs to a friend’s family. Lucky girl. I am sure she is enjoying the waves as your daughter did.

  4. Thank you again for the lovely pictures! We were taking drives in the country now and then, but it’s so refreshing to see completely different landscapes. I especially like the photo with the poppies, like joy bursting out amid the staid reliability of the grain. 🙂

    • Oh, thank you – I’m so glad you like them 🙂 I’m lucky to have such lovely walks on the doorstep – as you say, most of our travel to different places at the moment is done virtually, isn’t it? Hope you’re keeping well 🙂

  5. Life has gotten kind of boring, no doubt. We aren’t rushing back into anything either. Cases are spiking in the US as places open up. It’s not like a switch that someone just turned off. I have managed some quality writing time, so that’s a nice bonus.

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