A Monday Update

Despite the recent easing of lockdown rules in England, life is continuing much as it has been for me and my family. Hubby and I are still working at home and the gorgeous girl, who is in secondary school, is still not back in classes, and won’t be until September.

Still, there are things I miss. I miss my family, of course. It seems madness to me that I can go to a pub and interact with hundreds of strangers, but I can’t have more than two households meeting under my own roof at any one time. However, I’ve spent long stretches of time away from my family before and I suppose this is how I’ve been coping, by treating this as just one more enforced separation.

I also miss getting out and about, though one thing that lockdown has taught me is that I probably wasn’t doing as much of that as I thought I was. I am looking forward to venturing out and exploring this fascinating tiny island again – whether with family or with friends. I’m also looking forward to meetings closer to home, coffee or lunch with friends, big family barbeques, and the occasional ‘out-out’ evening.

I miss travelling, too. We were booked to visit Morocco in early April (and are still waiting for our flight refunds, coughRyanaircough!). I also had a trip to Wales at the end of March to attend a workshop, and another to Avebury in June to join the Silent Eye, but all have been cancelled. At the moment, the idea of getting on a plane is on about the same level for me as going to the pub, so I don’t imagine we’ll be going anywhere we can’t drive to anytime soon. Still, I know I’m fortunate to have been so many places – there will be chances to travel again and, in the meantime, I’ve been revisiting my old Wednesday Wander posts.

I don’t miss the noise, or the busyness of my old life. The feeling of having to be here and there and here again, of trying to fit things in, instead of the days stretching and moulding into a new, more relaxed routine. The hum of the motorway has returned, the buzz of traffic nearby, the rattle and hoot of trains in the valley. But there is still birdsong and buzzing bees whenever I venture out, still flowers and clear skies and long views – I know I’m lucky to have all this on my doorstep.

So I guess this is just an update, really. In some ways, I’m progressing with things, and in others, they stay the same. Writing-wise I’m moving forwards – there are new stories to tell, new worlds to explore. After having four full manuscript requests but no luck (so far) on my vampire novel, I’m shelving it for now and writing something new. My co-author project is picking up pace again, so hopefully I’ll have some news to share on that soon.

Until then, I hope you’re all keeping safe and well. How is lockdown life treating you?


(All photos taken locally on recent walks)

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12 thoughts on “A Monday Update

  1. It is only missing people and our work in the landscape that has really changed for me… but I’ll be glad when freedom is reclaimed and the atmosphere of fear recedes.

  2. I think we are all adapting and not eager to go back to the frantic lifestyle. I too miss travelling and seeing my family back in Canada, especially my 91 year old mom. Good luck with your writing projects. xo

    • Thanks Darlene – I think it’s making a lot of people consider whether the lives they were leading before this were sustainable in the long run, so if that’s something postive that comes from this, great! 🙂

  3. I have been working from home and it has been manic ever since lockdown. I can’t even squeeze in some leave which is rather annoying as I want to finish editing my new book. I spent a large part of the weekend working on it. I can’t say I miss much about my life before. I just included even more rushing about than now. Good riddance to driving to work, I say.

  4. I was so excited to finally return to work full time yesterday. Two hours after I got there, they sent us all home to work again. This unknown cycle is driving me up the wall.

    • Oh no! That’s awful, Craig, I’m so sorry. I think, unfortunately, this will be the shape of things for some time to come, though I hope your work manages to figure things out so you’re not too disrupted.

  5. We are living in very strange times. I consider myself lucky to have access to the countryside, and have not been bored at all—but then, how can I be bored when there’s writing and painting and reading to be done! However, I really miss close family and friends whom I haven’t seen for months by now. And when will we be able to travel safely again? It seems to me like a lottery at the moment—if you happen to be sitting next to a ‘Superspreader’ you can get it. And I have no wish to end up in hospital, I know a few people who had it badly and it’s been a nightmare. Thankfully they survived, bit at what cost. Sigh…

    • I’m with you on all the writing and painting and reading – I’ve been doing so much of that since lockdown began, as well as watching more TV than I have in a very long time! Though I miss my family too I’m in no hurry to travel – like you say, it’s a lottery isn’t it? Even a trip to my town centre today (for some necessary items) showed so many people not bothering any more with masks or distancing – it’s quite scary to see! Hope you stay safe and well x

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