A Wild Spirit

It is with sorrow that I write of the passing of Sue Vincent. I often say that blogging has changed my life, and that is absolutely true – what started as a little place to write about writing and whatever was on my mind became so much more, the friendships I’ve made here ones that will last a lifetime. Sue was one such friend. While I didn’t get to spend much time with her in the ‘real world’, I feel truly blessed to have known her. My heart goes out to Stuart, and her family, and all those who loved her.

Sue was someone who often seemed to be magic, a fairy dancing across the hills in dainty shoes and flowing skirts, while the rest of us trudged along behind her in hiking boots and wet-weather gear. Yet she was real, and down to earth, warm and generous and kind, and gave the most wonderful hugs.

When I first heard of her diagnosis, I wrote a post about it. You can read it here. But really, head over to her blog, or that of The Silent Eye, and read all the beautiful words she wrote from her heart, of life and magic and mystery and love, of gentle teachings and magical journeys through the landscape, and of course, the small dog.

She will be greatly missed.

53 thoughts on “A Wild Spirit

  1. I’m so sad about this. I didn’t know her well, but I’ve been following her blog for years. It’s terrible, I seem to have lost quite a few bloggy friends along the way, some quite young.

  2. Lovely pictures. Sue has taught me so much over the years and yet I have never met her in person. She will be thought of with love by so many. My heart goes out to Stuart and her family and especially Ani.

  3. Beautiful pictures and words. I never actually met through but she was always such an inspiration, giving wonderful encouragement and sharing her knowledge with us all. She will be sadly missed. Thank you for sharing this with us. KL ❤

  4. A beautiful post Helen about a beautiful woman. As you say she has touched us all. She is immortalised in her blog and will live on in our hearts. Beautiful photos.💜

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