A Quiet Week

After my good weekend, it seems to have been a quiet week. It’s half term so you would expect I’d be running here there and everywhere, but that hasn’t been the case. The gorgeous girl seems to be feeling the same way, quite happy to be at home working on projects or playing games, plus her new Barbie DVD seems to be a big hit. Of course we’ve seen some of her friends, had glorious sunny times at the local park, done our thing where we go shopping and have lunch – though I’m not sure how a trip to buy fabric, buttons and canvases for a project turned into her standing in Debenhams with an armful of clothes saying ‘I think I’d like to try these on.’ Sigh. I suppose she is my child, after all 🙂

It’s also been quiet on the writing front. This is my first post since Monday, and it’s simply been because I’ve had nothing in particular I wanted to write about. Not writer’s block, heaven forbid, just a sort of lull in the words that swirl through my mind daily. I’ve not been completely idle in this regard – I have a client for whom I supply web copy each week, so have been working on that. And of course I’m supposed to be working on my edit of No Quarter, as it’s meant to be going to the editor next week. But I find I’m stuck – I’ve reached a point in the story that was difficult to write, and that I still find hard to read. It is a major turning point, a catalyst for what happens in the rest of the books, and therefore very necessary. So I will have to steel myself at some point and get on with it.


These spilled sprinkles are sort of how I feel at the moment, plus they are stars, so they tie in quite neatly hey?

If you follow the stars you will know that Mercury is retrograde at the moment. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, this is a time when plans go awry, when we need to leave extra time for travel, not sign anything if we can help it and be prepared for mix-ups in communication. However, it can also be an excellent time for intuition and reflection. I’m not sure, to be honest, whether far away planets swirling around distant constellations have any effect on our lives. But then I consider the idea that we are all connected, all part of some greater pattern that we only get to glimpse occasionally and I feel I need to be open to the possibility. It certainly does feel as though things are moving more slowly at the moment, but maybe that’s just me. For example, I’ve been approached about an interview with a newspaper – the journalist is lovely and very interested in my work. However, we can’t actually seem to get it together to do the interview. With persistence I’m sure it will happen, but maybe it won’t be until after June 11, when Mercury starts moving forward again.

And once again it has happened. I wasn’t planning on writing anything about the stars and Mercury, yet my mind has been pulled down that path and I’ve had to go with it. Such is the life of a Pantser 🙂