Hugh’s Photo Challenge – Week 13: Love

363 Holding Hands

Another last minute entry for Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge! The theme this week is Love, and so I’ve chosen a photo from my wedding day.

It may seem an obvious choice, and in some ways it is. However, this photo says love to me for reasons beyond the obvious. I had a lovely wedding day and was thrilled to be marrying my husband, yet I also found it quite stressful. Oh, not because I’m some sort of Bridezilla, all caught up in the details. Rather, because I’m not that comfortable being the centre of attention, something you tend to be on your wedding day.

If you notice above, I have my arm across my body as if to protect myself, my hand just touching my husband. He is holding onto my other hand and we are standing close together. I can feel the warmth of him, the support he gave me then and gives me now. And that, to me, is a big part of what love is. That you can rely on the other person to be there for you when you need them, that they are a safe place for you to be.

And so that is why this photo says Love to me.