Thursday Doors – Lend A Hand

I was going to call this post ‘Handy Knockers’, or ‘Knock Me Up,’ but realised both titles probably wouldn’t work so well with a lot of my regular readers (though they may have attracted some new ones!) 😀

So here are my doors for Norm 2.0’s regular weekly challenge. Both images were taken in my home town, and both doors share a similar feature – the door knockers are in the shape of a hand.

IMG_2198This first door comes from a house with a storied history, one of the oldest dwellings in the area.

IMG_2196As you can see from the wall plaque, it’s had many different uses over the years.

IMG_2211This second door is from the rear of what is now a commercial property, but was once a fine Georgian house. While the surroundings may be a little dingy now, it’s nice to think of how it once might have been, when Hemel Hempstead was a country town outside London.

For more doors, or to add on of your own to Norm’s challenge, simply visit his blog and click the link 🙂