Wednesday Wander – Pike Place Market, Seattle


It’s time for my Wednesday Wander and this week it’s to Pike Place Market in Seattle. I took this photo in the early evening, just after we arrived. The rain had cleared and our hotel was only a few blocks from the market, so we wandered down in search of dinner. As it was late, there were only a few people at the market and many of the stalls were packed up for the day, so I was able to get this shot from one of the halls looking out over Elliot Bay.

Seattle is a fairly young city, only 150 or so years old, and there is a vibrancy to the art and streets and music. Yet underneath it all there seems to be a green darkness, as though the forest that covered the shores for millennia is just waiting to come back and reclaim the land…

This view, framed like a picture by the window, seemed to capture this thought. A glimpse of what was, surrounded by what is.

So where did your wandering take you this week? Join the Wednesday Wander and let me know 🙂