#writephoto – Swansong

birds-se-ilkley-2015-uffington-avebury-hackpen-worcester-3Sue Vincent’s weekly #writephoto challenge is one of my favourite writing prompts. Her photos are always evocative and inspire a wide range of responses, as though she’s captured a little piece of storytelling magic in each image. Perhaps she has…

Here is my response to this week’s photo:


They call it a swansong

Our last brave moments

Like a song sung

on a dying breath, beautiful

Haunting notes across the water

A requiem


To me it is sadness

A lament for the end

A wish for things to stay

as they always were, golden

Sunlit glimmers on the water

Don’t leave me

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Another Day…


Sometimes I struggle to make sense of this world. Lately, this seems to be happening more and more often. As a writer, it’s part of my job to get inside people’s heads, to figure out their motivations and tell their story. Yet I cannot for the life of me imagine the depth of pain and disconnection required to seek out your fellow humans and kill them, indiscriminately, and en masse. To deliberately target places where people meet, play, holiday, learn, work, dance and celebrate, and destroy them.

It goes beyond any ideology I’ve ever heard of, to a place of utter nihilism. It is neither confined nor defined by any particular religion, because it happens everywhere and to all people. And it’s just about the saddest thing, in a world full of miracles, that it continues to happen.

Seriously, 2016. We can be better than this, surely.

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