Some News

To be honest, when I wrote my previous post back in April, I thought I’d be back here a bit more often! But that hasn’t been the case for a variety of reasons – however, I’m returning now with some news…

I signed with a literary agent!

To those of you familiar with this blog, you’ll know this is something I’ve been chasing for quite a while. I’ve come close several times, had multiple full requests, but never quite been able to cross the finish line. However, my fourth book seemed to be the charm, and I’m delighted to announce that I’m now represented by the wonderful Laura Bennett at the Liverpool Literary Agency! Laura has been passionate about the book from the start, and I’m thrilled to take this next step on my writing journey with her.

I’ll mostly likely follow up with a post about what I’ve learned about querying, because it’s been a looooong process. But for now I’m just going to celebrate as the road unfurls before me. I’m excited to see what happens next!

You can pick up the e-book of Oak and Mist, the first book in The Ambeth Chronicles, for just 99c/99p on Amazon. Get your copy, and start your journey to Ambeth today…

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On The Path Once More


It’s Monday, and the gorgeous child is back at school. Half term is over – this year is flying by already – and I’m now back to my regular schedule.

A Thousand Rooms is now starting to go out to agents and publishers. I have a carefully crafted cover letter, a sweated-over synopsis, and have had the first three chapters professionally critiqued (thanks, Esther!). I’m also getting very strong feedback on the finished manuscript from my lovely, lovely beta readers – thank you to each and every one of you for your time and honest words.

I managed to get it out the door to three agents last week. One has already got back to me, with a rejection. Ouch. But that is the game I am in, the ring I have now entered, and so I must duck and weave and armour myself against the slings and arrows of rejection, for I doubt it will be the last. I read somewhere that if you get rejected more than ten times, it’s your manuscript that’s the problem. Honestly, I think ten is far too low a number – The Help was rejected something like sixty times, to cite just one example. I think Harry Potter was knocked back at least a dozen times, to cite another. So I have a list of agents and publishers to approach before I decide to go it alone. I believe in the story and, with the feedback I’m getting, hope that it will get somewhere.

Hills and Valleys remains in the editing stage, but I’m still hoping to publish next month. There is a cover design to finalise, then the whole formatting thing to go through again.

And finally, I’ve decided to take advantage of my free KDP Days and am offering Oak and Mist free to download until February 25th. I’ve offered it for free once before with positive results and, while I’m not a fan of giving work away, I do believe these short promotions have their benefits. In fact, I blogged about it here and here.

Wishing you all a Happy Monday x

Sunday Catch Up

Sunny Sunday Sky

Sunny Sunday Sky

Just a very quick post today – family are on their way over, the sun is (sort of) shining and it’s going to be a nice day. But there’s loads to do before they arrive so I can’t stay long…

Chris The Story Reading Ape has featured one of my posts today – it’s all about Submitting Your Manuscript to agents and publishers. While I don’t consider myself an expert, I’ve learnt a great deal about the process over the past few years through speaking with other authors and agents. Also, if you haven’t visited Chris’s site, I highly recommend it (and not just because I happen to be on it!) Loads of great advice, connections and promotion for writers – I don’t know how he does it 🙂

And the lovely guys over at Husband&Husband have nominated me for a Liebster Award – thanks so much! I’ll be writing a post about it this coming week and really appreciate the nomination.

But now I have to go and start prepping the lunch, clearing away the debris of day-to-day living and making sure I tidy myself up during the process. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, wherever you are! xx