Wednesday Wander – EMP, Seattle: Part II

Last week I wandered to the EMP Museum in Seattle, a Frank O. Gehry architectural masterpiece. My post featured images of the exterior – however, several commenters expressed an interest in what lay inside, so I thought this week I’d wander through the doors and share some photographs of the interior.

IMG_0271 This was a giant interactive sculpture made of musical instruments, about three storeys tall.

IMG_0262 Inside the Fantasy section of the museum, dragon scaled and full of amazing items. I could have spent the whole day just in this section. Notice Buttercup’s wedding gown, Humperdinck’s outfit and Westley’s Dread Pirate Roberts ensemble in the display case at the back, courtesy of the classic movie, The Princess Bride.

IMG_0279 Some of the interior shapes and spaces were as mind bogglingly intricate as the exterior. This is in one of the central atriums, looking up.

IMG_0259 Gimli’s axe, Sting, and Aragorn’s sword, all from the Lord of The Rings films. A real ‘squee’ moment for me and my daughter.

I hope you enjoyed my Wednesday Wander this week – see you next time!