More Book News! No Quarter Cover Reveal

Front Cover Image

Another book post, this time to reveal the cover design for No Quarter, the next book in the Ambeth Chronicles!

Things couldn’t be better for Alma. She’s returned the lost Sword to Ambeth and is finally with Deryck, Prince of the Dark. But what’s really going on? Deryck is struggling with his father, who wants to control Alma, while Alma is struggling with her best friend Caleb, who doesn’t trust Deryck. Plus it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with her life in the human world.

Falling in love shouldn’t be this difficult. But things are about to get much worse…

Thanks once again to the design talent of Rich Jones at Turning Rebellion 🙂 I’m really pleased with the cover and think it captures the feel of book two really well.

Now I just need to finish the edit and publish (Within the next few weeks, all being well – I’ll keep you all posted)

And, in case you missed it, Book One, Oak and Mist, is currently available on Amazon here, or visit Goodreads and enter my giveaway for the chance to win one of five signed paperback copies.

And finally, I’m off to the Blogger’s Bash in London tomorrow! I’m really looking forward to a great day out meeting some of my fellow bloggers – hope to see you there 🙂



Cover Reveal Time!

As you know, I’m at the proofing stage for my first book, Oak and Mist. I’ve just uploaded the (hopefully) final edit file, and am now waiting with fingers crossed for the go-ahead from CreateSpace.

But in the meantime, I thought I’d share the cover with you all. And here it is :

Oak And Mist final cover


With thanks to the talents of Rich Jones at Turning Rebellion (who happens to be my brother) – I couldn’t have done this without him. The sword image is my design, and he drew the other elements together to create a cover that I think perfectly captures the feel of the book.

Oak and Mist

The end of everything? Great, no pressure then.’

Alma Bevan didn’t mean to go on a quest.
But when she disappears between two trees at her local park and reappears in the land of Ambeth, she finds they’ve been expecting her.

And now she has to find a lost sword or the consequences for humanity will be dire. With no idea where to look, despite help from her new friend Caleb, things become even more complicated when a handsome prince of the Dark expresses an interest in her.

All this plus homework too?

Travelling between worlds is hard enough without having to manage a suspicious best friend, complicated love interests and concerned parents. Add in some time-twisting, a mysterious bracelet and a group of immortal beings all vying for control of a lost sword, and it’s enough to make any fifteen year old girl want to give up. But then she wouldn’t see Caleb any more. Or Deryck…

Oak and Mist is book one of The Ambeth Chronicles. Available (very) soon through Amazon.

Exciting times, people, exciting times 🙂

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xx Helen