Empty Cup


I’ve been feeling a bit empty, words-wise, these last couple of days. It’s always how I feel when I finish a book, even if I have other ideas on the go. I welcome the feeling though, for it’s how I can tell that I’ve completed the story.

I finished book three, Hills and Valleys, and sent it off to the editor today. And now I’m waiting. It’s like the old Zen philosophy, that the cup needs to be emptied before it can be filled. Now that I have emptied my cup of one story, I’ll wait for the Muses to decide when it will be refilled.

I’ve already written book four, by the way. Books five and six are well underway. I have another book, unrelated, which is about 95% finished, plus a few other ideas banging around in my mind. I don’t think this is special or anything – I think it’s just how writing works.

But for now my cup of words is empty, other than these few for my blog post. And I’m content. For I know it will fill again – with what, remains to be seen.