Thursday Doors – Number 28, Old Town

This week’s door is another one close to home. It’s the entrance to a building in our Old Town, which dates back to the 1500s. As you can see by the date, this door is a little newer, though with design nods to an earlier age. 1902 places it at the height of the Art Nouveau period, typified in the tree decoration above the door. I absolutely love it.


While much of our old town consists of shops, restaurants and residential homes, this place is a bit of a mystery. The ground floor seems closed up, silhouettes of large cabinets just visible through the darkened window. Up above, tattered curtains hang behind dilapidated wooden framed windows, while a large upper conservatory at the rear, just visible from the park behind, hints that it may have once been an artist’s residence.

So the mystery of Number 28 remains. Perhaps one day I’ll find out who lives/lived there – some more research is in order, I think.

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