Week End


Is it Saturday yet? This week has flown by, mainly because I’ve been working hard on my Hills and Valleys edit, with a massive push to finish today. I’m done except for typing up the changes, which is a big relief.

It’s been a week of loss (Bowie, Alan Rickman and others), and of cold weather finally arriving, the mornings bright with frost.

It’s also been a week of blog love. Both Sue Vincent and Ali Isaac nominated me for a Champions Blog award – thank you both so much! πŸ™‚ According to Seumas Gallacher, the originator of this award, it is a way to say thank you to those readers and writers who go the extra mile in support of others. He also says no explanations are needed and to keep it simple. Well, I just love that idea! I’m supposed to name another five bloggers as part of the award – I just need a little while to get some names together and then I can accept the award, but I couldn’t let the nomination go by without saying thank you.

And the same goes to Marjorie at Kyrosmajica, who nominated me for the #Girllove Blog Challenge. This involves writing a post about women who inspire us, including five female bloggers. Marjorie very kindly listed me as one of her five – thank you! Once again, I need a bit of time to get a post together, but wanted to say thanks πŸ™‚

And finally, Kristin over at pursuitofanewadventure invited me to write a guest post, which went live today. Thanks so much, Kristin – you’re a great host!

So, onwards and upwards with my final corrections – I’ll be back in blogland once they’re done. Happy weekend, everyone!

26 thoughts on “Week End

  1. Congratulations, and all well deserved! Yeah, it’s been a weird week alright. I am still gobsmacked by the loss of Bowie and Rickman, and also Grizzly Adams, did you know that? What is happening this year? So many shocking losses in the early days of 2016 just feels so unsettling. Its not what I expected.

      • I agree! Some kind of shift, that’s exactly how it feels, but don’t know what! 😲 Hope things get better too.

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