Tangled Thoughts


Bleurgh. It is amazing how much a head cold/chest infection thingy can cloud the thinking. I had great plans this week for editing and writing and letters and submissions, not to mention a bit of exercise now that the weather is warming up. However, they have been overtaken by a desire to sit huddled under a blanket on the sofa as I mainline peppermint tea and crisps, trying to shake a nasty bug.

There seems to have been something in the blogosphere this past week – Lucy at BlondeWriteMore, Kristin at pursuitofanewadventure, Sue Vincent at The Daily Echo and Allie Potts were all struck down as well, making me wonder whether viruses travel through the web, digitised and sentient, searching for their next innocent blogger victim.

And this is what I mean by a woolly brain! What a thing to think. And yet, is there a story in it? This delirium thing might be useful after all… πŸ˜‰

38 thoughts on “Tangled Thoughts

  1. I had it 2 weeks but after 1 day of naproxin and a hot compress i was cured! Yes we’re all struck down one by one. I was the last so i suppose i transmitted it to you by way of Allie and Lucy. Gives new meaning to Internet virus doesn’t it. Hope you feel better! 😦

  2. Ugh! Hope you’re feeling better soon Helen. I had a gastric fly type bug last week, just in time for Mal’s confirmation. On the morning of Conor’s whole family’s arrival, Thursday, I actually couldn’t get out of bed, and I still had so much prep to do. I didn’t eat much all weekend but I’m making up for it! Hehe!

      • I am thank you, but I hope you’re getting better, it’s not a great time to be ill with the school hols looming. Although at least you won’t have to get out of bed early to do the school run!

      • Well, I figure (hope) I’m getting it all out of the way before then – it’s just a bummer as I’m helping on a school trip tomorrow as well. I am *crosses fingers, touches wood* feeling slightly better than I was earlier, so hopefully that’s a good sign! πŸ™‚

      • I’m sure it is! Take care of yourself and get a good night’s sleep. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy the day. These things always seem to take hold when you have other important stuff going on.

      • Don’t they just! I hope Conor’s family helped you out on the weekend – luckily I haven’t had much on these past few days. Take care of yourself too x

  3. Funny! I was beginning to wonder the same thing and think it is a conspiracy. What must have happened is the Illuminati infected me with a virus knowing I was about to travel in winter and then closed the airport runway down.Unbeknownst to me, I must have been contagious as I lay stranded on the runway for four hours. Other passengers then took it to their homes and it spread very much like the virus in the closing credits of Franco’s Planet of the Apes eventually making its way to the other writers I call friends. Now much of the blogosphere is numbed under cold and flu medication and the only ones left to offer ideas or opinions are those they hand picked to be given the cure ahead of time. Oh woe is us.

    • Oh woe is us indeed! I think you might be onto something. It might be the delirium talking but there’s definitely been something afoot with the happiness engineers this week, what with comments disappearing and fonts changing and stats all over the place – perhaps this is indeed the beginning of the end and this ‘virus’ is their cunning way of taking us out…
      Either way, it’s an excellent story πŸ˜€

  4. Hope you feel better soon πŸ™‚ *makes sign of the cross* Hopefully the sentient nature of the virus remains part of your imagination *touches forehead*. That’s said, I’m still sending healing vibes!

    • Thanks Cathleen, that’s very kind of you. I’m slowly feeling better but am well behind on lots of things, so a bit of running to catch up. At least it’s happened now, rather than during the holidays πŸ™‚

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