When The Forest Calls


I’ve had one of those days today where I’ve done a little bit of lots of things, but not much of anything. There’s been laundry, as usual, plus some cooking – I made sweet chilli sauce that’s more chilli than sweet, some guacamole and some smoked almonds, so have been snacking most of the morning. I’ve looked at a few blog posts, catching up with bloggy friends I didn’t have time to visit during the week. I’ve done a bit of writing, updated my Camp NaNo total, and watched an episode and a half of Outlander – I read the books ages ago (they are listed on my Books I Love page), but am late to the party watching the series, and now of course I am hooked once more. I’ve also spent some time in the back garden, where my husband is excavating a large raised vegetable patch we inherited when we bought the house. It has no veggies in it anymore, and is where we’d like to put our new shed/garden room, so it has to go. So far he’s discovered steps leading nowhere (though I did wonder whether Gozer the Gozerian might be coming to visit our garden), lots of bricks and paving stones, and a whole lot of earth. No hidden drains or bodies, thank goodness, or treasure left there long ago (which would have been handy, actually).

But mostly I’ve been wandering around, feeling as though there’s something I really need to do, but I can’t quite remember what it is.

Though I think I might have a clue. Ambeth is calling me. I know I’ve been writing this vampire book for Camp NaNo, and so far it’s been going quite well, the story starting to take shape nicely. But my mind is filled with forests, new threads appearing. I saw some friends yesterday, and several of them asked me when the next book would be out. End of the month, hopefully, I said. Then one of them asked how many books there would be in total. Six, I replied. Which is what I have planned at the moment. But I have a feeling that Ambeth is one of those places which will call me back every so often, other stories coming through the Gates. I don’t know if it’s because it’s the first world I’ve created, or whether it’s just that there are more stories there than can be dealt with in this one series arc.

Whatever the case may be, I’m always happy to go back there.

How about you? Have stories you’ve written called you back for more?



48 thoughts on “When The Forest Calls

  1. I’m in a similar situation. Whenever I try to work on a new idea, my Desertera world always calls me back. Right now my problem is that the protagonist of book three is screaming for attention, and I still have several rounds of edits/revisions to go for book two!

    • It’s a strange feeling, isn’t it? Being called back to a world you’ve created. I have four of my Ambeth books written, with 5 and 6 on the go, and I often have to leave one to go to another, as different characters demand attention, as you say! Still, it’s not a bad thing šŸ™‚ Do you think you’ll have to take time out from the edits to address your new character?

      • Yes, you tell him, Kate! šŸ™‚ It is important to sort out the content, as it all starts to knit together properly when you do. I often find connections I didn’t realise I’d set in place, which is a nice thing šŸ™‚

  2. It is a beautiful day for forest exploring here too, or sitting on the deck looking at the woods with a glass of wine in hand. Either option is a win in my book.

  3. I do know what you mean. Its kind of like a ‘lost’ feeling, and you can’t quite settle to anything. On a slightly different note, if I feel stressed or afraid or anxious, I make myself think about my characters and their stories, and it always helps. I dont know if it’s just distraction, or a feeling of being in control of something when the rest of my world seems beyond my control… Actually, no, not that last one… since when did I ever have control over my characters??? šŸ˜‚

    • šŸ˜€ lol You and me both, Ali! Although I quite love the feeling of being led through the story. And do you know what? When I went back to Ambeth I found a small continuity error – now that it’s fixed I don’t have that niggling feeling any more! So either my subconscious at work, or a different kind of consciousness reaching out, I guess.

  4. Most books I finish I immediately start thinking of a sequel. I’ve never created a world – mine are all set in a real situation but the characters do call – at least those I haven’t killed off….

  5. lol I’ve just written a post that’s related to this. It seems to be a theme in publishing st the moment – I’m glad to see its cause the world calls you there. I think I’ll have a hard time finishing my series and leaving it there too!

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    I love conversational posts, and this post from Helen really made me smile, particularly as I often feel like I should be doing something and don’t know what it is! Please don’t comment or like the reblog here – hop on over to Helen’s site and show her some love…

  7. Lord, yes. Right now I have a woman with wet red hair tugging at my elbow and asking me why I’ve been putting off writing her story for a year…And now I only have until the end of May to do it! šŸ˜€

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