Thursday Doors – Abandoned

IMG_2143I had a different door in mind to post this week, but on a walk the other day I spotted this door and couldn’t resist taking some shots. This building is tucked into the curve of a railway bridge for one of the main lines into London, meaning there are trains passing almost overhead on a regular basis.


I titled this post Abandoned, because that is what this door seems to be. The steps are mossy and overgrown, no footprints in evidence. But the door itself is in pretty good condition, and the house to which the building is attached is definitely occupied, despite the damage to the brickwork at the upper right corner.

So does someone live here? Do letters still fall through the slot onto a mat below? I guess I’ll never know, but it’s fun to imagine. I wonder if that’s why I like doors so much, because of the possibility of what might lie behind them, the stories they open onto almost infinite.


This is my entry for Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors Challenge. For more doors, or to add one of your own, visit Norm’s site and click the link 🙂

25 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Abandoned

    • Thanks, Allie 🙂 I also liked the mystery behind it as well – at least, the one that I could see. It’s probably something quite normal, but it’s fun to imagine what could be.

  1. I love how the juxtaposition of title and image and short snippet of thought creates stories. If you paired that image with different words, a different story would come out.

  2. Now you’ve found a real head-scratcher here Helen. Such a lovely relatively new door in what seems like a long abandoned building….
    Nice find 🙂

  3. Very intriguing, Helen. If there’s an occupied house on the same land maybe they use that little place for storage. I can imagine the vibrations of so many trains passing overhead – hence the loose bricks, possibly.

    • Yes. It’s kind of odd – there are people living in the house, but this door is just.. abandoned. Being so close to the bridge it makes me think of trolls 😀

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