Something different, on Lisa Burton Radio #RRBC

Here’s Craig’s latest interview on Lisa Burton Radio – amazingly, he didn’t have a guest this week, but luckily one of his own characters was available to drop by. This radio spot is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to showcase your characters and give them a voice outside their story. Denoris, from my Ambeth books, dropped by the show a little while ago and had a great time. So if you’re looking for a promotional opportunity that’s a little bit different, get in touch with Craig.

Entertaining Stories

Welcome to another edition of Lisa Burton Radio. This is your host, Lisa the robot girl, with a show that’s a bit different today.

These interviews have gotten really popular, and I’m getting a lot of verbal commitments for future shows. What I’m not getting is action on those commitments. Because of this, I don’t have a guest this week.

I’ve hosted pirates, goblins, ghosts, spies, superheroes, a serial killer, even a lawyer. I have a hunch your characters will fit right in.

This show may be the only character based interview slot on the entire internet. Fiction authors should consider sending me a character to interview. I’m willing to include purchase links, cover art, and bios.

Today, I’m going to do what some of the morning show jocks do and call someone up. While I’m connecting, I’ll make my sponsor C. S. Boyack. He’s my author and writes…

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