Wednesday Wander – Surfing Santa Cruz, California

I’ve been away for a few days visiting family, so have been a little bit absent on the blog front. However, it’s Wednesday, and I couldn’t let it pass without taking my usual Wednesday Wander.

IMG_0366I am married to a man who loves to surf so, when we visited California last year, we spent a fair bit of time looking at beaches, watching the waves roll in. Not so bad a way to pass the time, really. We drove south from San Francisco to Cambria, and a stop at Santa Cruz was a definite highlight.

IMG_0369After all, this is the place where, in 1885, three Hawaiian princes surfed the entrance to the San Mateo river, on redwood boards they’d ordered from a local lumber yard. It was the introduction of surfing to the U.S. mainland and the rest, as they say, is history.

IMG_0382These days the waves still break, rolling and blue, and the surfers still come to surf, though the fibreglass boards they ride are a world away from the floating redwoods of Hawaiian royalty.

IMG_0374And yet, the spirit remains the same. To capture, for a moment, how it feels to fly, or to be a dolphin – to be one with the ocean. To honour the waves, and be free.

Thank you for joining me on another Wednesday Wander – see you next time!


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Wander – Surfing Santa Cruz, California

      • Hahaha I’m hardly homesick 😉 but with CA pride I’m absolutely thrilled with your post! 😀 I went to the beach and Uruguay and it just didn’t compare at all! There isn’t surfing immediately nearby. I’m embarrassed to say that I cannot surf at all and I tried for years although I’m a good swimmer. I think I was born lacking balance…even standing on the bus is hazardous for me hahaha!

      • Oh, I’m glad I didn’t make you homesick 🙂 I’m not a surfer either, I tried it once in Hawaii when I was much younger but couldn’t stand up at all! Yet I can balance doing other things – maybe it’s the water that freaks me out. But I enjoy watching ti, definitely 🙂

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