What Happens Next? Add To The Story…

IMG_2594On Thursday I posted my usual Thursday Doors post, although my door this week was blocked up. It happened to tickle the fancy of Craig Boyack, who started to write a tale based upon what he thought was behind the door:

For over a thousand years, the ancient evil remained walled up behind a blessed doorway at St. Mary’s Cathedral.
In the summer of 2016, an overzealous archaeologist detected something behind the wall using electromagnetic sounding equipment…

Then I added another bit:

…entering through the old crypt, the archaeologist made their way through the vaulted chambers, footsteps echoing as they headed deeper into the dark…

Then Craig wrote another bit, adding that maybe we could invite participants:

The smell of moss and rot filled their nostrils. The light failed. A slight dragging noise came from farther down…

So I added another bit:

… the smell grew stronger, but with a hint of something darker, like smoke from a funeral pyre. All at once the archaeologist was aware of the great weight of stone pressing down from above…

And I agreed with Craig – it would be fun to get some more writers involved. So, what happens next? Make sure you read the comments, and let’s see if we can keep this story thread going 🙂

85 thoughts on “What Happens Next? Add To The Story…

  1. Go back. Wait for the others, that would be the sensible move. A dark mist, present and palpable seemed to ooze from the floor, tendrils curling and clawing at the archaeologist’s feet, impelling them onward, deeper, consuming the pale beam of the torch. To hell with the others… a cold smile and a glint of teeth in the darkness…

  2. A low rumble filled the tunnel and the torch light sputtered out. Squeezing his eyes tight shut tje archeologist opened them again hoping to see through the velvet black that filled the tunnel. He felt something drip on his face. Looking up two green eyes greeted him.

  3. The archeologist wanted nothing more but to turn and flee, but alas his legs had turned to jelly. Frozen in place, his only option was to wait like a lamb to slaughter as those piercing green eyes drew nearer.

  4. Okay, I’m jumping back into the story – let’s see if we can keep it going…

    Not for the first time, the archaeologist thought about all the other career choices he could have made, choices that would have included nice offices and bright lighting, not dusty crypts and lurking monsters. He closed his eyes, bracing himself. Then a hand gripped his shoulder.
    ‘What the hell are you doing?’
    Janine. He exhaled in relief. That was one thing he never regretted about becoming an archaeologist – the fact that he had met the extraordinary Janine.

    Okay guys, take it away.

  5. Janine smiled at him, revealing two fangs and a tongue that had the shape of the end of the Devil’s tail. She hissed at him, making him jump back in terror. What on earth had happened to the woman he had so much wanted to ask out?

  6. “Er, Janine, hi. I was about to call you on your cell…” (Always thought it felt a little strange when we did a bit of tonguing) “Can meeting your mother wait, I’m kinda caught up in the middle of something right now.” The archaeologist puts on his innocent smile and shrugs.

  7. Archie shook himself. This was getting too bizarre – like something out of a nightmare. Wait – *was* this a nightmare? He squeezed his eyes shut, took a deep breath, counted to ten, then pinched himself, hard. Ouch! His eyes snapped open, and his gaze met the crumbling stone vaulting of the crypt. He shone his torch up, down, and behind himself. Nothing. A slow sigh of relief escaped him, and he chuckled to himself. How silly of him! Janine, with drooling fangs, wanting him to meet her mother! He directed the torch beam ahead and took a step further into the vault. He was an archaeologist, a scientist – he had no time for silly fancies.
    From out of the deep shadows, the green eyes glowed as they watched him, narrowed in speculation.

  8. Reblogged this on amo vitam and commented:
    Helen over at Journey to Ambeth started a chain story. Check it out! Read all the comments and join the fun. At the moment we’ve got a green-eyed drooling monster menacing the archaeologist in a gloomy crypt…

  9. Okay, I’m jumping back in (and by the way, feel free to come back and add more)

    The archaeologist, unaware of the shadowy watcher, pressed on, wiping sweat from the back of his neck as he moved further into the crypt. According to the old plans, he should be almost at the other side of the sealed door- He stopped short. A wall was in front of him, blocking his way. Shining his torch on it, he could see it was built of the same ancient stones as the rest of the crypt, and that it stretched for a couple of metres in either direction.
    ‘Christ Al-‘ Then he stopped, remembering where he was. Right. What to do now? This was almost his last chance to make that elusive big discovery, every archaeologist’s dream. And there was no way he was letting hallucinations and old stone walls stand in his way…

    • He took his rucksack off his back and, on opening it, took out a hammer and chisel. He would hack away at some of the old bricks and try and dislodge them so he could shine his torch through the gap and see what was on the other side of the wall. Just as he was about to make the first blow, he was shocked to hear some tapping come from on the other side of the wall.

  10. And in the dark he heard her scream. Her scream was abruptly cut off and he heard a thump to the floor. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the glistening of her hair on the floor and with his lantern he couldn’t bare to move it to the right. What would he find? Her eyes wide open and dead with the glaze of fear? He felt a fog come over his shoulder and as he willed to escape, his body betrayed him when he needed it most. The scent was a foul, sour burning. The breath of a dark, obscure, ancient beast for sure. For as the scent drew nearer, the wheezing of the beast enclosed him further.

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  12. He wouldn’t let that stop him though. He’d looked death in the face more than a few times. Now, where had Janine disappeared to? It wasn’t like her not to be down in the depths of things with him. Just a little further, that’s all he needed. Blood speckled his shoulder…

  13. Okay, I’m in again:

    He brushed the gobbets from his shoulder. ‘Bloody pipes,’ he thought as he kept working at the wall, hoping to dislodge more of the great stones. The tapping became louder, as he pushed one through to the other side…

    And then…

  14. The red eyes glared at him. While he had been distracted, the archaeologist had completely forgotten about the beast, and now it was almost upon him…

  15. I love the way others have dded to the story. I do hope you gather everything together into one story. But please leave off who wrote what when. It takes from the story. You can add all authors names at the end of he story.
    This would be a fun writing challenge. Start a story, then after a week stop entries and post the full story.

  16. He backed away, stumbling over a brick on the grass behind him.

    “Do be careful,” the beast licked its teeth. “I would hate to have to explain your death to the Queen. Follow me,” it turned mumbling something about clumsy humans.

      • Oops, sorry. It’s kind of difficult to follow the story. I thought he was still outside the wall (with the tapping inside). Ah. Good fun, Helen. Where’s he off to now?

      • Oh, no need to apologise, Sarah – I really liked your addition, especially the bit about the monster licking its teeth. I’m going to collate all the comments into a post today and see if we can finish the story 🙂

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  18. But the archeologist had a few tricks of his own. No way would he allow some creature to take him down without a fight. Out of his pouch he dragged a sword, the blade so sharp Janine never knew what hit her. And with one final swing he decapitated the beast, his grotesque head, with fiery eyes and razor-sharp teeth, tumbled across the dirt floor.

    Finally revealing his true identity, he pointed the sword toward the heavens. “I. Am. Death. Feel my wrath.”

  19. I came up with something but I didn’t want to steal anyone else’s idea. If you want me to type it up and email it to you I will. But how bout if some people had came to it and tried to find a way in. There was no door but eventually they found an entrance round the side and found themselves entering a cavern.

    • Hi Tom. If you want to add it in the comments that’s fine, or you can email me – or you can even link to the story on your own blog and add your contribution via a post. And don’t worry, I’m sure you’re not stealing anyone’s ideas 🙂

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