Wednesday Wander – Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls 1When I lived in Ontario, I used to live not too far from Niagara Falls. Close enough that I remember going on a couple of dates there during high school, close enough that it was where we took all our visitors whenever they came to stay.

It was no different when I went back to Canada for a visit with my now-husband. We had a few days in my old hometown before heading to Vancouver, so I took him (and his brother) to see the Falls.

Niagara Falls 2Because they are pretty impressive. Despite all the tackiness that has sprung up around them, the Horseshoe Falls are truly a wonder of nature. We were there in winter, as you can see, and the ice was thick on the river, hanging in icicles from the viewing area below. We also went in the tunnels behind the Falls. I still pause when I think about it. You see, the tunnels simply open out to the Falls. Literally, the water is falling at the open end of the tunnel. And the only thing there (or at least at the time we went) to stop you or anyone from just stepping out, is a wooden bar fixed about half way along the tunnel, waist height from the floor. So, not really a deterrent at all. I think I screamed when I saw it, the noise and proximity quite overwhelming.

And that’s the other thing about the Falls. They are very open. You can drive a little way along the Parkway and just… step into the river. Literally park, walk a few metres, and step in. No wonder so many people have tried the barrel stunt over the years. And the railing at the edge of the Falls itself is, as you can see, about waist height.

This is quite an old photo, looking back along the gorge to the Peace Bridge and the American Falls. There are a lot more buildings there now.

This is quite an old photo, looking back along the gorge to the Peace Bridge and the American Falls. There are a lot more buildings there nowadays.

And of course this is how it should be. This is nature, unfettered. To fence it and put up high nets and keep people away from it would destroy the experience. It’s up to us to be careful. To not lean over the railing or go beyond the wooden bar in the tunnels. And it’s part of the thrill, too.

Thank you for coming along on another Wednesday Wander with me – see you next time šŸ™‚

36 thoughts on “Wednesday Wander – Niagara Falls, Canada

  1. It is up to us. As it should be. I cringe when I see people hold their babies over railings at places like this but what are we supposed to do? (Well…I have some ideas…) Anyhoo, this is gorgeous. I’m glad you took advantage of seeing this so much when you lived there. šŸ™‚

    • Thanks – it really is lovely and, even though I might have moaned a little at the time, I’m really glad I got to go there so many times, and with family. Lots of good memories there.
      On a more sombre note, I do remember a woman dropping her child in (we weren’t there that day, thank god). It was never clear whether it was an accident or not, which was so awful. And people did fall in, every so often. But, as you say, it’s up to us to be safe. Those tunnels really freaked me out though!

      • That is horrible! I’ve seen people hold their babies and toddler over railings so they can “see” or to take pictures and it just infuriates me. It really does. And for just this reason. That is really horrific.

        Well, I do know this feeling: “even though I might have moaned a little at the time, Iā€™m really glad I got to go there so many times, and with family.” That’s always the way. As we get older, we are usually thrilled at the things we got to do (even though we bitched about it to our parents). And the cycle turns…they will bitch at us. šŸ™‚ Good times.

      • They will – it’s the great circle of life, isn’t it? I see my mother laugh when my daughter does things to me that I used to do to her šŸ˜€ karma. It’s nice to look back at the memories now…

    • Thank you! It’s quite something to see in real life – no matter how many times I went there, it was always a thrill to watch the water rushing past and over the edge.

  2. Lovely shots Helen. One of these days my wife and I are going to have to stop talking about going, and actually go! I’ve lived my entire life within an 8-9 hour drive from there and still haven’t seen it in person yet.

    • Oh, you should go, Norm! It really is something to see šŸ™‚ There is a lot of ‘tacky’ entertainment built up around it, or at least there was in my day, but it doesn’t really detract from the natural wonder of it.

  3. Some beautiful shots here! Definitely one of those places I think most people want to see at some point. You were lucky to live so close, but then I suppose it starts to become taken for granted a little doesn’t it? Bet it was truly lovely to revisit though, especially at that time of year!

    • Thanks, Sacha šŸ™‚ It’s a wonderful sight to see, though I haven’t been there in years. I’ll get back there again one day, though I’m not sure I’ll go in those tunnels again!

  4. Amazing! You’ve lived in some incredible places, and I’m so glad you’re sharing them with those of us who haven’t been. Although, I would love to see the Falls myself one day …

    • Oh, I hope you get to see them, they really are a force of nature. And I’m glad you’re enjoying the posts, too – it means I have to keep travelling so I don’t run out of places!

    • Do you? I didn’t know that – it’s a great city, isn’t it? I lived in Burlington for many years, and I went to Ryerson for University. I haven’t been in Toronto since 1997, I do miss it sometimes.

      • 1997? Ha! You’d be shocked how it’s changed. It’s starting to look and feel like New York with the amount of people living here and the housing shortage and astronomical prices. And the traffic is brutal, they need to get with Vancouver’s thinking and build bridges because there aren’t enough roads. I’ll take the American southwest any day. šŸ™‚

      • I think I would be shocked – I saw some footage shot there the other day and could barely recognise it, even though it was outside the Eaton Centre, my old stomping ground! From friends still there I’ve heard about the crazy property market too. And the traffic was pretty bad when I lived there, so I can’t imagine how horrendous it is now!

      • Your closer than I am here, lol. Omg, I want to live there. If you get there, go to Sedona, truly a piece of God’s heaven. šŸ™‚

      • Oh, I’m in the UK, so I’m not so close any more. But I have heard wonderful things about Sedona, definitely a place on my want-to-visit list šŸ™‚

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