REVIEW: Hills and Valleys by Helen Jones

A nice review of Hills and Valleys, my latest Ambeth book, courtesy of Meredith at Mezzalilly’s Teen Book Reviews. Thanks, Meredith!

Mezzalily's Book Reviews

hills and valleysHills and Valleys(Ambeth Chronicles #3)
ISBN: 9781533267863
Published: 25th May 2016
Paperback, 283 pages
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Magic, Adventure
Rating: 7/10
Amazon | Goodreads | Author Website

This review may contain spoilers from the other books in the series, Oak and Mist and No Quarter.

Thanks, once again, to Helen for sending me a paperback copy of Hills and Valleys in exchange for an honest review.

i am your father

Once again I have been transported back into the world of Ambeth (which I dearly love), as well as being able to stay in a place which I hold close to my heart, the beautiful Welsh countryside.

After the events of the Harvest Fair, Alma is finished with Ambeth – they can find the missing Cup and Crown without her. But Ambeth is not finished with her. First the mystery of her dead father comes back to haunt her, then the Dark reach…

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