Of Mountains, Magic and Monday Mornings

img_3702Hello, everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend 🙂 I’ve been away since Friday with little to no wi-fi coverage, so I’m a bit behind on blog posts and comments – sorry! There have also been a few new visitors and followers here, so I just want to say welcome, and thanks for coming on the journey with me.

My weekend away was at a Silent Eye workshop – I have a great interest in the ancient history of Britain, and this was a chance to get up close and personal with some wonderful monuments left by our enigmatic ancestors. And it was… intense. A lot happened, and I will be writing about it here, but I just need a few days for it to all ripple and resonate until it settles. For now, I’ll leave you with the above photo, taken at sunrise yesterday morning, and a poem I wrote for the weekend, which turned out to be quite useful.

Stones lie sleeping

Where once they stood in majesty

Stones lie sleeping

Knowledge lost beyond safekeeping

Yet power here still ranges free

It beats within the heart of me

Stones lie sleeping


Where land meets sky

And all is not quite as it seems

Where land meets sky

Stones tell a tale of years gone by

Secrets revealed by sunlit gleams

Sleepers awake! Tell us your dreams

Where land meets sky



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