Cover Reveal! A Thousand Rooms

screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-09-25-592Ta da! Here it is, the cover for my latest novel, A Thousand Rooms. I wrote the book about two years ago during NaNoWriMo – since then, I’ve been editing and rewriting to get it ready for publication. I’ve had some wonderful beta readers along the way, including Ali Isaac, Louise Allen and Angelika Offenwanger – thank you so much for all your valuable feedback! Esther Newton lent her editing expertise to give it a final polish, and my brother, Rich Jones at Turning Rebellion, took my photo of red shoes and created a cover which I think perfectly captures the spirit of the story – thank you!

I realise the above paragraph sounds a little bit like one of those award show acceptance speeches, but I do think it’s important to acknowledge how many people it can take to produce a book. I feel very fortunate to have found such a wonderful group of authors and bloggers around the world, and really appreciate your support.

So, what’s the book about?

You don’t wake up expecting to die…

Katie is thirty-two, single, and used to work in advertising. She’s also dead. A lost soul hitching rides with the dying, trying to find her way to… wherever she’s supposed to be.

And whoever she’s supposed to be with.

Heaven, it seems, has a thousand rooms. What will it take to find hers?

I’m just finalising the formatting, with a view to publishing, hopefully, within the week. And, once I have published… you’ll be the first to know!


57 thoughts on “Cover Reveal! A Thousand Rooms

  1. Congratulations, Helen! I love that you used your own shoes on the cover… that’s amazing! And it’s certainly eye catching, something about the red of the shoes against that blue sky, lovely! 😁😙

    • Thanks so much, Ali – I’m so glad you ‘get’ the cover. The shoes are mine, but sadly they’re only a size four, far too small for my clodhoppers 😀 And I’m really happy with the colour scheme, my brother really did well with it.

  2. Love that you have your shoes in there! Love the blurb too can’t wait to read this… (after silver and black!!) wink wink, hurry up so I can beta! 😋 Let me know what I can do to help with the launch

    • Thanks, Sacha 🙂 I really appreciate you sharing so much already. At the moment I have a few guest spots lined up and am hoping to run launch type stuff in the next week or so – anything you can do I’m sure will be great.
      And I know – Silver and Black! I will be heading back there once this is all done (plus there’s that fourth Ambeth book hanging around too…)

    • Thanks so much, Louise – I’m pretty thrilled with the cover too 🙂 The story itself hasn’t changed too much since you read it, but it’s certainly more resolved, I think. I’ll send you a copy if you like, just let me know xx

    • Thank you! Everyone who’s read the story has been ‘Yes!’ when they saw the cover, they totally get it. Yet I had someone tweet me yesterday asking what ‘high-heeled shoes’ had to do with the story, so that was kind of cool. I replied that they were symbolic, but I couldn’t give any more away 🙂 I’m thrilled with the cover too – it’s one of the great things about working with my brother. He actually went a bit off-brief but I like this better than what I wanted originally 🙂

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