A Thousand Rooms: A Guest Post by Helen Jones

As you may know, I just published my latest novel, A Thousand Rooms. A few months back, when I was looking for beta readers, Angelika over at Amo Vitam offered to help out, and help she did! Now I’m over at her blog for a visit, writing about how the places I’ve been to inspire my writing. Hop on over and check out the post!

amo vitam

Some months ago, my writer friend Helen Jones of Journey to Ambeth was asking if anyone wanted to beta read her latest book, A Thousand Rooms. Yes, please, I said. So she sent it over to me, and I have to say, it’s one of the best indie books I’ve read. And as of yesterday, it’s published! So, in honour of that event, Helen has come over and written a guest post for us here. One of the things she and I have in common is that we’re both Europeans who’ve done a fair bit of travelling, so I asked her to talk about how the things she has seen in her wanderings inspire her writings. Over to Helen:


‘The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.’ St Augustine

Recently, a writer in a group I’m part of commented that she was…

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7 thoughts on “A Thousand Rooms: A Guest Post by Helen Jones

  1. Reminds me of when I saw the prostitute carried out of the brothel next door to our hostel in kings cross. OD. Apparently.

    Like any city. Beautiful and harsh. Try Flank Street, AJ Sellars I think, for a take on Sydney/Cross life.

    1. Oh yes, the Cross. I remember my brother’s band coming to Sydney to play a show and the bassist, a tattooed bald fellow, went for a walk around the Cross. He came back wide-eyed, saying where the hell are we?
      It’s one of those kind of places, definitely. I’ll have a look for Flank St, sounds like an interesting read.

      1. It was home to me. And loads of other travellers, or whatevers. It was what it was.
        Some of us who read Flank St were there 80s, if you were in Sydney later and not in The Cross may not have the same impact.

      2. I was there just after 2000, so a little later on. Still a fairly atmospheric sort of place, though I imagine it would have been a lot wilder in the 80s

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