Writespiration – 52 Weeks in 52 Words – Lost Things

IMG_2112The fabulous Sacha Black has set a rather good writing challenge for the year. Each week this year she’ll be setting a writing prompt, which you have to respond to using exactly 52 words.

This week’s prompt is: Lost Things. Here is my response:

‘D’you like lost things?’


‘Lost things.’ He smiled, gesturing at the old books, dusty hats, faded postcards. Ornaments filled cabinets, gold lace spilled out of a wardrobe door. ‘All these things belonged to someone once. Now they’re lost.’

I stared at him.

‘Sometimes the people who come here are lost, too.’

Now, it appears there’s another little part to this story, which came to me in response to another prompt. All being well, I’ll share it sometime over the weekend. Happy Friday, everyone!

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17 thoughts on “Writespiration – 52 Weeks in 52 Words – Lost Things

  1. Ooh, I like this – I want to have a good old rummage through those drawers, rediscover all the lost things. Something magical about places like that – really looking forward to the next part

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  5. LINK ME THE SECOND BIT…. Can’t believe that ended, it only just started, I wanted to know about the lost people! bloody restrictive word count – whose stupid idea was a 52 word, word count??!! lol

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