#writephoto – Lanternlight

glaston6-024Sue Vincent has come up with another beautiful image for her latest #writephoto prompt, and my response is the next part to the story I started for another prompt, Sacha Black’s 52 Words in 52 Weeks. And here it is:

Later I sat and pondered his words. Alone in a dark corner, rainbow light from the old windows painting the walls. Across the room the bar and patrons were all light and noise, but I sat separate from it all, the colours camouflage enough.

I did like lost things. Although I didn’t think of them that way. To me they were treasure, holding stories like faint fingerprints, reminders of owners past. Sometimes, if I closed my eyes and it was quiet enough, I could almost hear them talking, smell the disappeared world they’d inhabited.

But the man in the junk shop had shaken me. Made me question why I was so drawn to the detritus of the past. Was the fact that they were lost things speaking to something in me, a space for a missing piece I hadn’t even realised was gone?

Am I lost? I thought, my hands curving around my glass. If I am, who will find me?

And, do I want to be found?

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24 thoughts on “#writephoto – Lanternlight

      1. I love it when someone sees something we haven’t necessarily intended; goes to prove the old cliche that when we allow anyone to read our stuff it’s no longer ours but theirs.

  1. I like the aura of mystery you managed to create, although I may be a bit biased because detritus is one of my favourite words; so as soon as I saw it, I fell in love with your writing 😀 Still, the short story was beautiful!

    1. No. It’s nothing to do with The Grove. And yeah, I think it might have legs, but ohmygod when when when will I write it? I think it might be a shorter story. Will see. I do have that feeling you get at the start of a story though, you know the one I mean?

      1. Oh yes, it’s in my folder of ideas, all their little legs shaking and jangling until I can take them out for a walk (which sounds really cruel – I hope you know what I mean!)

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