Back To A Working Week

IMG_0303It’s a new year, and a new era for me, as I’ve just returned to office work after more than a decade working freelance. My daughter is older now and soon won’t need me to take her to school any more so, when an opportunity came up, I took it.

I am still writing and marketing, though in a field different to anything I’ve done before. It’s a challenge, and an opportunity to create a role. It’s also part-time hours, in a nice office with nice people, so I feel very fortunate.

The only downside is that I have less time to write my own stories. I have several books on the go – Ambeth Four, Under Stone, is in the editing/about-to-go-to-beta-readers stage, Ambeth Five is three quarters written and Ambeth six is about halfway finished. I also have my vampire novel, Silver and Black, and another idea, called The Grove, which is slowly taking shape. In addition to that, I’m still trying to enter at least one writing competition per month – it’s something I started doing last year and I’ve had some results (although that’s another post). So working five days a week means I’ve had to adjust my writing schedule a little.

Before you all shout at me, of course I know I’ve been really fortunate these past years. Being able to choose my writing time has meant I’ve been able to create a lot of material, so at least now I have a good supply of story ideas to work with. I’m having to be a bit more organised about how and when I doΒ  my own writing, but I’m finding that it’s working so far. Even though I now have less time, I find I’m using it more effectively.

Perhaps there’s a lesson in that.

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31 thoughts on “Back To A Working Week

  1. Congratulations! That’s a big change! Hope it all works out with your writing, and that you’ll be really happy in your new job! All the best!

  2. That’s a big change. My son’s just on the cusp of not needing me around, so I’ve been gradually increasing my hours over the last year or so. The holidays are still a major headache, though. I guess you’ll have to work in the evenings and weekends to fit any of your own writing in at all – do you have an understanding partner who doesn’t mind losing you for the odd night? Congratulations on your new role – I do hope you love it πŸ™‚

  3. Congrats on your competitions and job! I’d love to hear more about both. Yes, I agree, since becoming a teacher and it’s summer here, I have no work. I thought I was going to write write write but I’ve been less productive now that I stopped working!

    • Thanks, Geoff πŸ™‚ My brother, who’s a musician, said the same thing – the busier he is, the more ideas he has for songs. Hoping something similar will happen with the writing.

  4. I’m very impressed! Good luck with the new job, and I’d really like to hear more about the writing comps–I’ve been trying to do the same, but with limited success so far (no wins, and only a few placing…) Any tips would be more than welcome!

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ Those sound like pretty good results to me! I don’t have any tips, really, because it does seem to be luck. Stories that don’t even get longlisted in one comp end up placing in another. However, I will write a post about it at some point. Thanks for your good wishes, hope all is well with you xx

  5. Congratulations on the new job, though I also feel the need to offer my commiserations as well. I imagine going back to set working hours might take some getting used to.

  6. Could not agree more. I find the less time I have, the more I achieve. Or put another way, the more work I have to do, the more productive and effective I become. THey say want something doing, give it to a busy person. But on a serious note, I think when you value and appreciate short amount of time you have, you procrastinate a lot less, and get more done. Everyone has 24 hours in a day, and some people are machines that churn stuff out. They don’t have more time, they just use it differently. I knew you would smash this. I bet you anything you get more books out than ever before. Having less time just makes me super hungry to publish!

    • Thanks, Sacha. I agree, I’m becoming much more effective with my time, but also banging my head a little at how I didn’t do this before haha. At the same time though, I needed the time I had for several reasons. As to whether I’ve smashed it, I don’t know yet – will see. I do have a LOT of writing to do though…

  7. I am so looking forward to Ambeth four, Helen. Keep me posted and I do hope you’ll come and talk about it on Book Talk. πŸ™‚

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