Thursday Doors – Haven

img_4972I’ve been posting in Thursday Doors for a while now. Some weeks the doors have been grand, entrances to cathedrals or palaces. Other weeks they’ve been more humble, just like my door this week.

Yet a door, no matter the size or shape, represents possibility. None of us know what lies behind until we choose to open the door and enter. There’s a reason that Let’s Make A Deal, with prizes hidden behind doors 1, 2 and 3, is such an enduring pop culture icon. The idea of doors representing choice, a metaphor for change, is a powerful one. Doors often feature in fairytales, either with a caution that they are not to be opened (usually disobeyed), or as pathways to a quest, representing levels of wisdom or challenge. Spirits in haunted houses are said to wander through doors no longer there, perhaps symbolic of their status as lost souls.

And this little blue door, with its welcoming light, seems to represent a haven. Doesn’t it look welcoming, with the tiled path and the little arch, the plants and the golden light beyond? On a cold dark light it’s almost a beacon, a promise of respite for a weary traveller. This is not my front door – in fact, I have no idea who lives here. But it’s nice to think that, hopefully, they feel happiness when they see their front door, a feeling that they are home.

This was my entry to Thursday Doors, via Norm 2.0. For more doors, or to add one of your own, visit Norm’s site and click the link.

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23 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Haven

    • Thanks, Amanda – it’s a cute door, isn’t it? And thanks for your kind wishes, 2017 is all right so far (*cautiously crossing fingers*) Hope it’s treating you well, too and that life has settled a bit xx

  1. “Haven” is the exact right word Helen.
    One would swear that you use words professionally or something… πŸ˜‰
    I can imagine dragging myself home after a long day and then looking up to have my spirits lifted by that welcoming sight.

    • Thanks, Norm 😊
      Yes, that’s what I thought too, that it would be a lovely door to come home to. When I took the photo, I think I’d have rather been at home, so I guess that’s why it caught my eye.

  2. Lovely tile and such a warm welcome. I think you’re right, doors are possibilities and the looks of a door can be deceiving about what lies behind it πŸ™‚

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