IMG_1099It’s Monday. Monday means something a little different to me now that I’m back working regularly, rather than freelance. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just different.

I’m still getting my new schedule sorted out though, so please do bear with me. I’m going to keep posting as much as I’m able to, though I’ll be writing a few posts in advance, rather than off the cuff as I usually do. This also means it might take me a little bit longer than usual to respond to comments. But I will respond – I love the conversations I get to have with everyone, and very much appreciate all your lovely comments.

I’ll also be doing my best to keep up with everyone’s blogs – I follow quite a few so have made a list and will check it twice, so to speak. So if you haven’t heard from me in a while, let me know.

Other than that, it’s still writing as usual, though I’ll be doing a bit more at night than I have been. Or perhaps early morning. I am more of a morning person, to be honest.

Right, before I descend too much further into navel-gazing I might sign off. Hope everyone in blogland is well, I’ll be back here again soon xx

18 thoughts on “Navel-Gazing

  1. We all need to rationalise our time. I’ve made a similar pact with myself, so I don’t blog as often as I used to, nor read or comment on other blogs. It’s not that I don’t enjoy reading them, it’s just that I can’t afford the time!
    I hope you enjoy your new job! Good luck. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Louise! Yes, it’s been a while coming and I needed to make change. No point getting stressed out about things that can be adjusted. I hope the writing is going well for you, and that you’re enjoying a lovely summer xx

  2. Good luck with everything. You can do it! Sounds like you are already finding your rhythm. (I’m a morning person too!) I love the photo at the top of your post. I can imagine myself walking down that path.

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