Wednesday Wander – Heidelberg Castle, Germany

It took me a while to figure out where to wander to this week. Usually a location will present itself to me, or I’ll scroll through my photos and find somewhere, but it all seemed a bit vague this week. Then I remembered a conversation I had with a fellow blogger where I mentioned Heidelberg, so I’ve decided to wander there.

More specifically, to the ruined castle, sitting high on the hillside overlooking the old town and the rolling Rhine river. Built in stages between 1214 and 1295, the castle was subsequently destroyed by lightning, fire and war, resulting in the picturesque ruins we see today.

For many centuries the castle was home to the Palatine counts, powerful nobles who married into royalty, including the English Stuart and French Orleans families.

Mark Twain visited the ruins and wrote about them in his book A Tramp Abroad, stating that,

‘A ruin must be rightly situated, to be effective. This one could not have been better placed. …one looks down through shining leaves into profound chasms and abysses where twilight reigns and the sun cannot intrude.’

I visited a little more recently than Twain, and can attest that not much has changed since he wrote those words. Trees and vines still garland the ruins, the view across the town and river just as breathtaking as it always was.

Thanks for coming on another Wednesday Wander with me – see you next time!

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31 thoughts on “Wednesday Wander – Heidelberg Castle, Germany

      • Reading week this week… and I have 4 to write. Don’t know how we’re supposed to fit any reading in. 🙄

      • Haha! Sleep, what’s that? No. I need my sleep. How’s your job coming along?

      • Oh, I do hope you’re getting some sleep then!
        And the new job is going pretty well, thank you, though less time for writing these days. Still, feel pretty lucky to have it! 😊

      • That’s good to hear! And yes, I am, but I’m greedy and always want more. 😂

      • Haha! I never get the chance, not with Carys, she’s an early bird. And anyway, the morning is the best time of the day. I’m not an early bird, but I dont like sleeping in either, feels like I’ve missed half the day. There’s not enough hours in it as it is!

      • I must agree, I’m a bit of a morning person as well – I get a lot of work done. I guess when I say sleep in I mean 8am as opposed to 6am haha -how things have changed!

  1. Great pics, Helen! Castles just beg a story, don’t they? I like your little tidbits of info, especially the quip by Mark Twain. Very insightful and well researched.

  2. I missed this post (freshly jetlagged as I was then). I haven’t been to the Heidelberg Schloss since I was a kid – only have vague memories of piles of old walls. But I liked it even then!

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