Review: “A Thousand Rooms” by Helen Jones

Another wonderful review for A Thousand Rooms – an unexpected surprise! Thanks, Christoph 🙂


A very intimate and engaging novel about a woman’s journey after death. The writing style involved the reader immediately through a close-up examination of the dead woman’s experiences and sensation, all of which are confusing to her and only gradually settle into making sense. I found this particularly accomplished, as it takes the reader right under the skin of the narrator.
Judging from the cover I expected this to be more girly than it turned out to be, but it felt almost like a psychological thriller at times, with plenty of excellent scenes as our heroine moves through life and death experiences and a thousand rooms.
I must confess that I flirted with spiritualism in the past and therefor took a particular interest in this book, finding much that agrees with various strands of spiritualism and similar philosophies. In that respect I would call the book well-researched or at least…

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3 thoughts on “Review: “A Thousand Rooms” by Helen Jones

    • Oops… Ugh. Hit ‘enter’ by accident. Was going to say, “Very nice! I love those surprise reviews and this is a fantastic one. I commented over there yesterday and have your book ready to read very soon.”

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