Home Again…

Hello everyone!

I’m back from my adventure. The jetlag has worn off, the laundry is (mostly) done, and the holiday seems almost like a dream.

Yet it was real, and it was fantastic – I saw so much and have so much to write about I hardly know where to begin (there will be many blog posts!). New York was everything I’d imagined. I felt immediately at home there, perhaps because it’s a city that’s so pervasive in popular culture – yet it felt as though I knew it, as though I’d been before and was just being reminded of where everything was.

We wandered as much as we could in four days, including a walk through Central Park, where we took in the amazing skyline and I found the obelisk, partner to London’s Cleopatra’s Needle. We saw sights large and small, and didn’t let the weather, which included torrential rain and a snowstorm, stop us from getting outside and experiencing as much as we could.

The weather followed us, snow falling in Toronto on our first day there, Niagara Falls creating ice sculptures, the sun peering out from behind shifting clouds. Yet I basked in the warmth of family and old friends (and by old I mean fabulous), reforging connections and visiting familiar haunts, sad to leave when the time came.

But Boston, and the New England coast beckoned. We walked the Freedom trail, spent time in Salem, then followed the coast southwest through Plymouth, Newport, Mystic and Milford, finally ending up back in New York on a hot and sunny afternoon, ready to catch our overnight flight home.

And now it’s back to reality. The recent warm weather was a wonderful welcome home, and I’m away again this weekend, on a long-planned writing retreat with friends. Stories beckon….

It’s nice to be home x

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10 thoughts on “Home Again…

  1. Welcome home! I know what you mean about visiting New York for the first time, but feeling like you already knew it. I loved New York, and enjoyed slipping into that “New York state of mind” while I was there. Still wish I could have seen the Guggenheim though. That will be a hornet in my bonnet until I can get back there some day and scratch that itch! Hahaha! Glad you had a wonderful time!

    • Thanks, Linda πŸ™‚ Yes, I think it’s one of those places you see so often it becomes familiar, even if you’ve never been there. I hope you get back and see the Guggenheim one day! x

  2. What an adventure. Too bad your travels didn’t take you just a little further south (and by little I mean a full day’s drive so totally understand why it didn’t). Still those pictures are fantastic even if Niagara looks way too cold for me.

    • Thanks, Allie πŸ™‚ Yes, it would have been nice to have ventured a bit further south and done some visiting down your way. I wish we’d had longer there! Oh, and Niagara was freezing, literally!

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